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Secure Enviro Systems – Load Line Containment

Secure Enviro Systems load line containment, was founded by Perry Heintz in 1995. It was after countless calls to oilfield sites he knew there had to be a better way to handle cleaning up oil spillage at loading facilities for oil companies. While working on a fluid collector, he began to build a variety of box designs and soon established working models for field trials. This box was designed to be user friendly, cost effective and time saving for the oil companies. An added benefit was that the new products also lessened contamination of the land and water.

In 1995 when the product was created, society was not as concerned about the environment to the extent we are today. As companies take more steps towards protecting the land and water, this product is becoming more and more important. To date tens of thousands of the boxes have been sold to oil companies in western Canada. The demand of the product has recently brought upon the need for a revamped version. The latest version allows oil companies to quickly install and make valve replacement, a 20 minute job for one man.

Perry is no stranger to the oilfield. He began working for his father’s company Double EE Well Services in Manitoba. Since then he has started up two of his own successful companies – E & E Oilfield Services (22 years) and Secure Enviro Systems (21 years). His career in the oilfield industry has spanned over nearly 40 years and has included drilling, servicing rigs, maintenance of facilities as well as owning and operating his companies.

Family and his community are very important to Perry. He enjoys spending time with his three adult children and two young grandsons. His wife Marilyn and son Brad work alongside him with his businesses. Perry and his family are very active members of their community and surrounding area, giving back with time and contributions whenever possible.